Errata and Addenda
  • Paper 7: There are so many bad typos in this paper I would struggle to itemize them. For instance, the unit interval appears as [1,0] (!!). The problem was that I never had the opportunity to correct the proofs of this paper. This was the best work of my early career, and the way it appeared was very disappointing. A much cleaner version appeared as an appendix in my thesis.
  • Paper 22: After this paper appeared we learnt that Conjecture 2 had been previously resolved in a paper by H. Koch that wasn't reviewed in Mathscinet. The paper is: H. Koch, "Generator and relation ranks for finite-dimensional nilpotent Lie algebras" (English. Russian original), Algebra Logic 16, 246-253 (1978); translation from Algebra Logika 16, 364-374 (1977).
  • Paper 42: In Table 1 on page 204, we are missing some entries:
  • Paper 50: on the 3rd line of proof of Prop 7, p.389,  a hat is missing; the condition should be: $\Phi$ strongly mixing $\Rightarrow\widehat{\Phi}$ strongly mixing. 
  • Paper 53: In the Theorem and in Corollary 1: "for all $i\leq m$" should be "for all $n\leq m$". Also, on page 3805, line 2:   $A_m^i \to  A_m^{i+2}$  should be $A_m^i \to  A_m^{i+2k}$. 
  • Paper 55: Gottfried Barthel kindly pointed out that on p.158, following the proof of Theorem 3, the numbers 561 and 563 are in the wrong order: 561 = 3 * 11 * 17 is a pseudoprime, whereas 563 is prime. 
  • Paper 61: In the third line of the proof of Lemma 7, "by Remark 2" should be "by Remark 5".
  • Paper 65: For other proofs of the irrationality of root 2, see A closely related classic construction, on the pentagon, is given in
  • Paper 72: On the last page, [3, Corollary 1], should be [3, Theorem 3].
  • Paper 78: on the 7th line after (14), "B_{p^3-p^2-2} or B_{p^3-p^2-2}” should be  "the denominator of B_{p^3-p^2-2} or B_{p^3-p^2-4}”.
  • Paper 84: Michael Maltenfort kindly pointed out the following slip-ups:
    1. The list of "8 possible triples" on page 519 only lists seven; the triplet (0,2,0) is missing.
    2. Just preceding the table on page 521, the claim that the proficiencies "remain constant if and only if c_1 = 2” isn’t correct. For this reason, the last cell of the table should begin with "does not increase if c_1 >2" (rather than "decreases if c_1 > 2").  The proof of Proposition 1 is still valid, because of the consideration of the pair (c_1), (c_2, c_3, ..., c_n).
    3. Towards the end of the paper, the words  "diameters" and "diagonals” are both used. There is no intended difference here. I should just have used “diameters” throughout.

Preprints etc

  1. with Nhan Bao Ho, 'Impartial Games as Acyclic Digraphs'; draft notes.
  2. with Christian Aebi, `A vector identity for quadrilaterals', to appear in College Math. J.
  3. with Christian Aebi, `Lattice equable quadrilaterals I - parallelograms', to appear in L'Enseign. Math.
  4. with Christian Aebi, `Lattice equable quadrilaterals II - kites, trapezoids and cyclic quadrilaterals', preprint.
Published papers can be accessed through MathSciNet, ArXiv, and ResearchGate. If there is any paper you want, just drop me an email.

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